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Save money on wedding entertainment by using a simple online booking website

When organizing your wedding, keeping the budget to a limit is almost impossible unless.. you save up on the entertainment somehow!

The Booka platform was created to offer our clients the best entertainment at the best prices, so on your big day you don't have to compromise on the quality or the budget!

How does this work? You might ask...Well this is the easy part, Booka is an online booking system for a wide variety of entertainment acts for weddings and events.

If you open Bookaentertainer there is a dropdown list of all the available acts on the platform, here is a few options for your perusal:

  • Booka Trio, Duo or Quartet – choosing the size of band to suit your venue and number of guests.
  • Booka Jazz Band –  the best professional Jazz and Swing Musicians that Ireland has to offer at the best prices.
  • Booka Trad Band – choose the most suited size Traditional Irish ensemble for your event.
  • Booka DJ – helps you choose from a wide variety of DJ live acts.
  • Booka Fire Performer – is a way to book a safe indoors Digital Fire Show.
  • Booka Silent Disco – have you ever heard of Silent Headphone disco? We will explain…if you hire the silent disco kit you get the required number of wireless headphones with two transmitter. All you have to do is prepare two suitable playlists and there you have it, entertainment with no noise curfew!
  • Booka Singing Waiter – one of the most popular surprise acts in Ireland at the moment.
  • Booka Storm Trooper – imagine having Storm Trooper greeting your guests into the party.

Booka Trio

Booking a 3/piece band is a good way to keep an eye on your budget and still getting quality entertainment.

With Booka you have a few options to choose from:

  • Jazz Trio
  • Trad Trio
  • Cover 3 piece band
  • Latin Trio
  • Classical Trio
  • Soul Trio
  • Pop Trio

How to book?

Just check this quick video tutorial for the step-by-step explanation: